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Poster: brewster Date: Jun 12, 2008 6:19am
Forum: sflan Subject: SF Mayor announced ad-based wifi system for San Francisco

The Mayor of SF yesterday stood in a housing project that was WIRED with a fast non-commercial network created using muni fiber, archive transit, Mission development corp internal wiring, and one-economy training. I was in the audience.

But the announcement was about his excitement about Meraki stepping into Google/Earthlink's vacuum to build an ad-based publicly-accessible commercial wifi system in SF. Where this system uses the City fiber/Archive bandwidth in the housing project, it uses Meraki-provided DSL lines in the rest of the city. The mayor pointed out that this is not government driven, but rather driven by Meraki.;tsp=1

We will wait to see what this means for the Archive's offer to providing a non-profit wireless access points that are free, fast, symmetric, and ad-free that leverage city facilities.

I look forward to seeing how well the Meraki system works for city residents. It is encouraging that Meraki is getting going without depending on any municipal help.